Kudos Across America – Baltimore

Thursday, July 13, 2023
TSA Officers photo

I wanted to recognize and express my appreciation for two of your employees who did a great job.

I travel a lot and usually have TSA PreCheck®, but didn’t add my information for a recent Southwest flight from BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport) to Nashville. So, of course, doing something out of the ordinary, I left my laptop and iPad behind in a TSA security bin. I realized this when I got to Nashville late on a Friday afternoon.

I completed the online TSA form that said I would be contacted within 10 business days. I was at a work conference and needed at least one of the devices to do my job.

A friend of mine went to the TSA Lost and Found at BWI and was lucky to connect with (TSA Officer Cveta Ivanova. She found both devices and my friend was able to retrieve my laptop because I had given him the password to open it. But, I was so flustered about losing my devices that I couldn’t remember the password to my iPad. Cveta agreed to hold the device in the office until I got back on Wednesday.

My flight from Nashville was delayed and by the time I got to BWI, the TSA Lost and Found office was closed. Fortunately, Lead TSA Officer Natasha Jones, who staffed the office until 3 p.m.  that day was working overtime in the TSA Security lines. What a lifesaver!

A fellow staffer who I was asking to help me get my iPad, despite the office being closed, realized that Natasha was working and asked her if she could open the office and retrieve my iPad. Natasha did so with a wonderful attitude and competent demeanor.

You have two great employees in Cveta and Natasha. They were life-savers for me, and I just wanted them to get the recognition that they deserve. Thanks for everything that TSA did for me!

Greatly appreciated.

Joan Wainwright

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs