Kudos Across America – Boise, Idaho

Monday, April 15, 2024
Boise photo

Good morning. My name is Phil Landram from Manchester, Michigan. This letter is to say thank you to two agents (Officers) that we consider our angels.

To keep this short and sweet, my father passed away recently and I had flown down a month prior to (his death) to help take care of my stepmother who has a severe case of dementia. It was already decided that she would move to Michigan to live with my family, but part of that promise I made to my Dad included that their two little puppies would also make the trip.

Boise TSA Officer Klayton Korstjens and Supervisory TSA Officer Joe Rivas.  (Photo by Dee Dee Krakowski)
Boise TSA Officer Klayton Korstjens and Supervisory TSA Officer Joe Rivas. (Photo by Dee Dee Krakowski)

Fast forward to February 2024. After checking her giant bag with the airlines, we proceeded to security. I had a 21-pound dog under each arm, the ashes of my father in my backpack and a stepmom that walks at the speed of smell. We were only five minutes into the trip and I was already spent.

Out of the mist appeared agent Klayton (Boise Airport TSO Klayton Korstjens). He must have seen the stress in my eyes, because I only had to walk up and say the word “Help.” He got on his radio and had Supervisor (STSO) Joe Rivas come to where I was standing. At that moment, my whole trip changed for the better.

Those two agents (Officers) took it upon themselves to move us to a secure facility where everything could be inspected thoroughly and properly without adding more undue stress to me, Mom, the animals or my sore back. Those two agents (Officers) and the staff of the Boise terminal were absolutely the best I have ever come in contact with.

Just for some validity to the statement, I spent 25 years as a KC135 aircrew member with the United States Air Force and have been through a lot of civilian terminals. TSA never gets the recognition it deserves; I really hope these two gentlemen at least get a thank you on behalf of my late father who was a wounded Vietnam veteran, my family, and me. Not much more I can say except thank you. These agents (Officers) went above and beyond any standard that could be in place for the TSA.

MSGT USAF, Retired

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs