Kudos Across America – Boston, headquarters

Thursday, December 10, 2020
LTSO Hayes photo

Mr. Pekoske,

I am writing to praise several TSA employees who went the distance to help me.

Marie Trottier photo
Marie Trottier, TSA’s Traveler Engagement Office (Photo by Kris Conti)

I needed to relocate my 97-year-old mother from Cape Cod to an assisted living facility in Florida. To do this, I made reservations to fly from Boston to Jacksonville, Florida. It was then that I realized my mother no longer had a valid photo ID.

I reached out to Marie Trottier in the Traveler Engagement Office (TSA headquarters). She worked diligently with me to identify credentials, which, with permission, allowed my mother to clear airport security.

Ms. Trottier also arranged for [Boston Lead TSA Officer] Kathleen Hayes to meet us the morning of our flight and escort us through the process. Officer Hayes was very attentive to my mother, her mobility impairment and some “good old fashioned jitters” before what was most likely the final airplane flight of her life.

I simply can’t say enough about these two women. They embody the mission of the TSA Cares program. They made it possible for me to fly with my mother and greatly relieved my stress and concerns.

Thank you for providing this valuable service. Thank you for hiring efficient, professional and caring women to serve the public.

I am very grateful for all they did on my behalf.


Kathleen A. Coakley