Kudos Across America – Dallas, Texas

Thursday, March 11, 2021
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I was flying for the first time with my brand new puppy. I flew from St. Louis into Dallas Love Field [Airport] and met the breeder at the airport. I had one hour to make it through screening and get to my gate for my return flight home.

My [body] skeleton is two-thirds metal from a very bad accident back in 2008. So, flying sometimes means pat-downs.

TSA Officer Aubry Fryers immediately assessed my situation, quickly engaged me with her eyes and a friendly smile, brought me to [the walk-through metal detector], and very quickly earned my trust, not only myself, but my brand new puppy.

TSO Fryers photo
Dallas Love Field Lead Transportation Security Officer Aubry Fryers

I have managed many people in my career in the area of customer service. It takes effort to attract, hire and maintain a quality employee such as Aubry Fryers. I knew I could trust her. I knew she was listening to me. I knew she cared, and I knew she could help me through the screening process quickly, efficiently and comfortably, turning what could have been a stressful moment into a very fun and happy moment. She CELEBRATED that little tiny portion of my life with me. In this day and age, that means the world!

I cannot wait to tell everyone how wonderful the TSA officers are and how comfortable it is flying in and out of [Dallas] Love Field. In fact, my breeder, who sometimes flies five days a week delivering puppies, said she is interested in switching to Love Field.

I plan on telling her about Aubry and encouraging her to make the switch. When she hears the kindness of TSA agents like Aubry Fryers, I believe she will be interested in making the switch.

Kindness really matters.

Thank you!