Kudos Across America – Denver

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Officer Dunson photo

Navigating air travel as a transgender woman in the U.S. is difficult enough as is. Having your wallet stolen shortly before a flight to visit family after over a year of separation certainly doesn't help.

Nevertheless, when I got to the front of the security line

Denver TSO Dunson photo
Denver International Airport TSA Officer Jeffrey Dunson (Photo by Carie Muirhead)

and explained my situation, the officer present gave me clear instructions and asked me to wait for another officer to assist. Enter [TSA Officer] Jeffrey Dunson.

Dunson assessed the situation quickly. He observed and accepted the alternate identification I had with me and escorted me to the security checkpoint. He communicated clearly and professionally what I needed to do to get my belongings ready to be scanned.

Dunson explained the situation clearly and calmly. I could tell the language he used seemed right out of a training manual, but the way he said it and explained my options helped me realize what the best choice was in that instance.

I went through the body scanner, and due to my hair band, there was a brief moment to clear that alarm, and I was free to gather my belongings.

If there are more Officer Dunsons employed with TSA, you can be sure there will be more people like me singing their praises. His continued friendly and professional demeanor was delightful icing on the cake.

B. Palm