Kudos Across America – Houston, Texas

Thursday, February 25, 2021
Officer Burrus photo

I just passed through the TSA checkpoint at Houston’s airport [William P. Hobby] where the passenger in front of me caused an amazingly unnecessary and embarrassing scene.

She was VERY RUDE to TSA Officer Sonequa Burrus, who was doing her job advising [the passenger] that something had appeared on the screen and kindly instructed her to pass through the machine once again. It went downhill from there.

I won’t elaborate on the details; however, I want to make sure that Officer Burrus is recognized for handling the situation in the most professional manner possible.

There were many ways this could have spiraled out of control; however, due to Officer Burrus’ management of the situation, the very rude and [disgruntled] passenger made her way to her gate, and the TSA checkpoint remained business as usual