Kudos Across America – Key West, Florida

Monday, April 22, 2024
(TSA stock photo)

I want to make sure someone at the TSA is aware of the courteous, friendly, and professional job that Supervisory TSA Officer Jennifer Wallace provided to me and my business associate, at the security checkpoint at the Key West Airport (EWY).

NDO STSO Jennifer Wallace (Photo by Jason Forier) Thumbnail
NDO STSO Jennifer Wallace (Photo by Jason Forier) Thumbnail

As we checked thru the security checkpoint, Wallace was both very helpful and friendly. Then I realized that I had left my jacket at the United Airlines luggage drop off counter. As busy and hectic as that day was, due to all the weather related delays and delayed flights that everyone was experiencing, and the tension this created, Wallace maintained a very positive and friendly demeanor and offered to go back to the United counter and get my jacket for me. She fulfilled her responsibility to make sure someone covered for her and then she went quickly to the United counter and retrieved my jacket and acted honored to do so.

Again, with the chaos and tension of that day, Wallace went out of her way to make sure our experience in Key West was a very pleasant and rewarding return trip. When someone/anyone goes out of their way to excel at their job, during a fairly chaotic day, they should be recognized by her team and employer.

(Photo by Jason Forier)
(Photo by Jason Forier)

Thank you, Officer Wallace, for making our day and for making the rough end of our trip a memorable experience because of the extra effort you provided. I know your job and all the TSA agents (Officers) jobs are tough, and even tougher on days like that, with all the delays and cancellations, you made our business trip extra special and positive!

Thank you and God bless you for your service.

Jeff Klump

By Michele Robbins, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs