Kudos Across America - Omaha, Nebraska

Monday, October 25, 2021
Eppley Airfield Lead TSA Officer Mindi York checks daily paperwork

I wanted to give a big SHOUT OUT and thank you to Lead TSA Officer Mindi York at the Omaha, Nebraska airport [Eppley Airfield]. She was kind, professional and extremely efficient at a time when my husband's anxiety and mine was over the top.

We have been flying the last two months back and forth to California due to my husband’s medical conditions. My husband is on oxygen, needs a wheelchair and deals with extreme anxiety over flying. This was our fourth flight in two months. I took my phone out of my purse to make a call, then left my phone with my ID and credit cards laying on the counter at home. I realized the problem as soon as we entered the airport.

I immediately found a TSA employee and they told me it would be feasible to still fly, but would take some time. In less than a minute, Mindi was at our rescue. 

I explained the problem and with much kindness, she explained what needed to be done and said, “Don't you worry; we will take care of it.” She made a phone call, I answered numerous questions and then she walked me over to where I needed to be scanned, checked, verified and searched.

She stayed with me the entire time and made sure my husband was okay as well. What could have been a terrible situation actually turned out to be a blessing by the name of Mindi York!

David and Debra Perez