What People Are Saying About TSA

Monday, February 24, 2020
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A Boston passenger said, “I submitted a claim and within six minutes, got a response that you had my laptop and instructions on how to get it back. I can't tell you how impressed and appreciative I am of your professionalism and consideration.

Great job!”

Gainesville, Florida

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Passengers flying out of Gainesville Florida say, “These TSA officers continue to set an example of how the security process should be; thorough, polite and efficient.” 

And, “My daughter has to wear an insulin pump and other equipment.  We have flown all over the U.S. and to Europe.  We have never met such a courteous and respectful person with TSA.”

Warwick, Rhode Island

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In a letter of thanks written to recognize the assistance two passengers received from TSA officers at the Green Airport, Rhode Island, they said, “these four individuals (officers] patiently took the time to assist us in what was an extremely stressful situation. Although we personally thanked each of the individuals, we [wanted] to alert you of their effort to assist us and to the fact they all went above and beyond to come to our rescue.”

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St. Paul, Minnesota

A St. Paul passenger commented, “This [TSA] officer deserves the highest recognition for the most superior customer service for understanding and appreciating my grandson's disability and special needs for a seamless and stress-free process through security.

Thank you for TSA Cares.”