TSA Week in Review: November 12 - 18

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018
TSA Week in Review: November 12 - 18

TSA screened 15.6 million passengers and discovered 78 firearms in carry-on bags at 46 airports from Nov. 12 through 18. Of the 78 firearms discovered, 65 were loaded and 25 had a round chambered. Bringing a firearm through the security checkpoint may result in a civil penalty of up to $13,333. Repeat violations will result in higher penalties.

Learn how to properly travel with your firearms in checked baggage. Note that airline policies may differ from TSA’s, so we strongly recommend travelers check with their airline prior to traveling. Travelers should also review state and local firearm laws as they vary by state and locality.

All of the firearms pictured were discovered from Nov. 12 to 18.

Loaded gun discovered by TSA at OKC

On Nov. 15, TSA officers at OKC discovered the above loaded 9 mm Sig Sauer firearm. Local police ran a check that indicated the firearm was stolen. The passenger was arrested on a state charge and said he forgot it was in his bag. Unfortunately, this is the most common explanation we hear from passengers. Remember to always check your carry-on before heading to the airport and you can contact your local law enforcement agency to check if your firearm has been reported stolen.  

Self-defense weapons discovered by TSA

Self-defense weapons, including pepper spray, are not allowed in carry-on bags. Some self-defense weapons are allowed in checked baggage and you can find out which by searching on the “What Can I Bring?” tool on our website. Again, your airline’s policies may be different than ours, so check their policies and review state and local laws for these items prior to packing them. From the left, these self-defense weapons were discovered at EWR, LGA, STL, and EWR.

TSA officer

Officer Groves from AUS discovered all three firearms pictured above. Starting from the top, a loaded 9 mm Luger was discovered on June 18, a loaded 9 mm Glock with a round chambered on July 5, and most recently a .45 Glock on Nov. 2. It’s worth noting that Officer Groves joined TSA in May of this year. As of Nov. 18, AUS has discovered 82 firearms in 2018.

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Whether you’re driving, flying, riding or just staying at home, TSA wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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