• firearms

    TSA Week in Review: March 18 - 31

    April 3, 2019

    Sorry I missed you last week… I was off visiting the Last Frontier State! If you’re from the lower 48, you might not be aware that aviation is a HUGE deal in Alaska, with TSA officers securing 23 airports throughout the year. To put that in context…
  • Spring Break

    Spring Break Travel Tips 2019

    March 22, 2019

    It’s time to ‘Spring’ forward and take a ‘Break’ from the winter weather. During the Spring Break travel period, which – believe it or not – began in late February and continues into April, TSA will screen an estimated 107 million passengers and…
  • Guns

    TSA Week in Review: March 11 - 17

    March 20, 2019

    As predicted, spring break has been busy, and I’ll go ahead and wager that, with the start of March Madness, it will only get busier. Let’s go Sooners! If you plan on traveling for a game, read below for more on how to become a professional globe…
  • guns

    TSA Week in Review: March 4 - 10

    March 13, 2019

    You remembered to set your clock forward, but 76 of you forgot how to travel with a firearm. Don’t worry, I got you covered! Check out our transporting firearms and ammunition page to learn how easy it is. Also, remember to take a look at your…
  • Passenger Support Specialist

    TSA On the Job: Passenger Support Specialist

    March 8, 2019

    I’m a people person – there’s no doubt about it. As a TSA passenger support specialist at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Va., helping people is something I have the chance to do every day!I’m part of the TSA Cares program,…
  • Firearms discovered by TSA from February 25 to March 3

    Week in Review: February 25 - March 3

    March 7, 2019

    Between Feb. 25 and March 3, TSA screened 15.3 million passengers and discovered 76 firearms in carry-on bags. Of the 76 firearms discovered, 61 were loaded and 28 had a round chambered. A friendly reminder to traveling firearm owners: bringing your…
  • Week in Review: Everything from Finger Knives to Grandpa’s Grenade Image

    Week in Review: February 18 - 24

    February 28, 2019

    Between Feb. 18 and 24, TSA screened 15.6 million passengers and discovered 83 firearms in carry-on bags. Of the 83 firearms discovered, 75 were loaded and 30 had a round chambered. Reminder folks: bringing your firearm through a security checkpoint…
  • Guns

    TSA Week in Review: February 1-17

    February 22, 2019

    From Feb. 1 through 17, TSA screened 34 million passengers and discovered 201 firearms in carry-on bags. Of the 201 firearms discovered, 63 were loaded and 28 had a round chambered. Bringing a firearm through the security checkpoint may result in a…
  • guns

    TSA Month in Review: January 2019

    February 15, 2019

    We’re back and looking forward to providing you with routine updates!During the month of January, TSA screened 61 million passengers and discovered 327 firearms in carry-on bags. That is six firearms more than the same month last year. Of the 327…
  • 2018 Guns image

    TSA Year in Review: A Record Setting 2018

    February 7, 2019

    It has been a milestone year for TSA as 2018 was marked by a record number of travelers and significant security enhancements. A total 813.8 million (813,791,287) passengers and crew members passed through TSA screening, with record-breaking…

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