Loaded firearm detected by TSA officers at Midway International Airport

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Local Press Release
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CHICAGO – TSA officers at Midway International Airport (MDW) discovered a loaded firearm at the security checkpoint on Monday morning.

The loaded .38 Ruger firearm was discovered on Monday, March 19, with a bullet in the chamber. TSA officers spotted the loaded  firearm in a Las Vegas-bound passenger’s carry-on luggage as it was screened at the checkpoint. When discovered, TSA immediately notified Chicago Police who responded to the checkpoint to interview the individual and take possession of the firearm. The 52-year-old male passenger was arrested by Chicago Police on a local charge.

TSA reminds passengers that they are solely responsible for the contents of bags brought to the airport checkpoint.

Individuals who bring firearms to security checkpoints are referred to law enforcement and may be subject to criminal penalties by local law enforcement. In additional to criminal referrals, TSA imposes civil penalties ranging up to $9,800 for a single violation of a firearm brought to a security checkpoint.

TSA continues to intercept firearms and other dangerous weapons at security checkpoints nationwide. The number of firearms detected at the checkpoint continues to rise nationwide. TSA discovered 3,957 firearms at checkpoints across the nation last year and nearly 3,400 firearms in 2016.  Read more on the TSA blog.