TSA officer accepts dance challenge of young traveler at Newark Liberty International Airport

Dance-off takes place inside checkpoint with family cheering on the two contestants
Local Press Release
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

NEWARK, N.J. —  When a family of five passed through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport, it was more than just another busy summer day in Terminal B.

TSA officer Joshua McCall was assisting a family through the screening process when one of the family’s three children began dancing. McCall admired the dance moves that the young child showed off and that’s when the boy challenged McCall to a dance battle. Game on!

See the dance-off  on TSA's Twitter and Instagram pages.

The family was very appreciative of the TSA officer’s engagement and overall demeanor and they requested that McCall take a group photo with the family, which, of course, he agreed to do.

“After ensuring all are secure as they enter the checkpoint, our TSA officers will be happy to accept any dance challenges from passengers,” said Tom Carter, TSA’s Federal Security Director for New Jersey. “It’s a good example of the human side of our great and dedicated professionals on the front lines of homeland security. Officer McCall not only helped keep this family safe, but also made their checkpoint experience both pleasurable and memorable” during what is turning out to be an incredibly busy travel season at TSA checkpoints nationwide.