TSA detects bullets artfully concealed in diaper at LaGuardia Airport

TSA officers find new definition of “dirty diaper”
Local Press Release
Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Seventeen bullets were removed from this diaper by TSA officers at LaGuardia Airport (TSA photos)

NEW YORK—Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at LaGuardia Airport removed a diaper from a man’s carry-on bag this morning (Dec. 20) when it triggered an alarm in the security checkpoint X-ray unit.

Inside the diaper, TSA officers unwrapped 17 bullets that had been artfully concealed inside the otherwise clean disposable baby diaper.

The man, a resident of Arkansas, first told officials that he did not know how the bullet-filled diaper came to be in his carry-on bag. Then he said that his girlfriend must have put it in his bag.

TSA officers notified the Port Authority Police, who cited the traveler with unlawful possession of the 9mm ammunition.

Apparently this guy needs a bullet-proof plan for packing his carry-on bag before heading to the airport for his next flight.