Can I request all records TSA has on myself?

TSA cannot process a request for “all records” on an individual or for “all communications” between TSA and a third party. You should include a date limitation, a particular topic, and if asking for correspondence, the relevant parties’ names and offices or airports, if known. You can contact the TSA FOIA Branch for assistance in writing a FOIA request. This will ensure we understand which materials you are seeking and help us respond to your request quickly.

Given the variety of programs at TSA and the multiple ways you might have a connection with TSA, we require this additional information about records you are seeking. As TSA operates at over 450 airports and screens on average more than 1.9 million passengers a day, it would be unduly burdensome to conduct a search at over 450 airports and TSA program offices using limited information. Please narrow or otherwise clarify your request by providing specific criteria regarding the records that you are seeking (e.g., time period, airport or other association with TSA, including employment) so that TSA can conduct a reasonable search.