Emerging Technology

With the threat to aviation constantly evolving, TSA is focused on developing the next generation of state-of-the-art security technology. As we continue to raise the baseline for aviation security, we are committed to getting the best technology to enhance security and improve the passenger experience.

Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs)

Automated Screening Lanes are a state-of-the-art checkpoint technology that enhances security efficiency while decreasing the amount of time travelers spend during the security screening process.

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Biometrics Technology

With the rising use of biometrics for identity verification, TSA is evaluating the operational and security impacts of using passengers’ biometrics to verify their identities. Using biometrics will modernize aviation passenger identity verification over the coming years.

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Computed Tomography

CT is the latest checkpoint X-ray scanning equipment to enhance threat detection capabilities for carry-on baggage. The technology is similar to CT technology used in the medical field and research shows that CT is the most consequential technology available today for airport checkpoints.

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Credential Authentication Technology (CAT)

Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) is a security game changer, ensuring ID authentication, reservation verification and Secure Flight pre-screening status are known in “near” real-time at the airport security checkpoint.

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