How do I determine whether the Rule applies to my agency or company?

TSA’s applicability criteria for freight railroads, public transportation/passenger rail (PTPR), OTRB and certain business operations are as follows:

Freight Rail (49 CFR § 1580.101):

  • (a) Class I freight railroads (as described in §1580.1(a)(1))
  • (b) Each freight railroad carrier (as described in § 1580.1(a)(1)) that transports one or more categories of Rail Security Sensitive Material (RSSM) in an High Threat Urban Area (HTUA) as defined in the rule.
  • (c) Railroads (as described in § 1580.1(a)(4)) that serves as a host railroad to a freight railroad described in paragraph (a) of (b) of this section or a passenger operation described in § 1582.101 of the regulation.

Public Transportation and Passenger Railroads (PTPR) (49 CFR § 1582.101):

A public transportation agency (including rail mass transit and bus systems) or passenger railroad must provide security training if it is (a) one of the 46 identified PTPR systems listed in 49 CFR part 1582, Appendix A; (b) Amtrak; or (c) hosts a higher-risk freight railroad.

Over-the-Road Bus (OTRB) (49 CFR § 1584.101):

An OTRB owner/operator must provide security training if it provides fixed-route service to, through or from any of ten areas identified in 49 CFR part 1584, Appendix A.