Regulatory requirements

The Security Training for Surface Transportation Employees Final Rule includes four major requirements:

  1. Each covered party must notify TSA of applicability per 49 CFR § 1570.105 
  2. Each covered party must designate security coordinators and alternates per 49 CFR § 1570.201.
  3. Each covered party must report significant security concerns to TSA per 49 CFR § 1570.203. Significant security concerns must be reported telephonically to the Transportations Security Operations Center at 1-866-615-5150.
  4. Owner/operators must provide training to security-sensitive employees addressing how to prepare, observe, assess and respond to terrorist-related threats and/or incidents in accordance with 49 CFR Sections 1580.113, 1582.113, and 1584.113 as appropriate. 

For a description of the mode-specific security-sensitive job functions see the mode-specific appendices: 

  • Freight Railroads – Appendix B to 49 CFR part 1580 
  • Public Transportation and Passenger Railroads – Appendix B to 49 CFR part 1582 
  • Over-the-Road Bus – Appendix B to 49 CFR part 1584