Revoking TWIC® Card

When TSA decides to revoke a TWIC® card, the agency informs facility security officials via the TWIC® Canceled Card List and the Visual Canceled Card List. The two lists are publicly available (including only Federal Agency Smartcard Numbers (FASC-Ns) or Credential Identification Numbers (CINs); no personally identifiable information) and updated daily to display TWIC® cards that have been canceled, allowing facility and vessel operators to determine whether a presented TWIC® card is valid.
The presence of a TWIC® card on the Canceled Card List and/or Visual Canceled Card List cannot be used to infer derogatory information about the cardholder; it simply indicates the card is no longer valid. While the two lists include cards that are revoked after recurrent vetting, the lists also include cards that have been replaced because they are lost, stolen or damaged.  TWIC® cards that are canceled cannot be removed from the two lists, and canceled cards should be returned to TSA.