What requested information is needed to complete the Initial Request?

The Donor must work with their Local TSA POC to submit a checkpoint or checked baggage equipment request into TSA’s equipment request portal to document the Capability Request.  The following information is required for the REMAG.  Local TSA will support this process: 

  • Airport Code, Name, Category, Branch, Region, Address
  • Equipment Request Type – Checkpoint Request/Checked Baggage Request
  • POC Details – FSD, Airport POC, Donor
  • Additional Details, if known (type and quantity of Capability/TSE)
  • Overall Need Date: Installation Date and Operational Date

The TSA CAP Team will contact the Donor to gather additional information needed for TSA to initiate Step 2 - Business Case Determination.  Examples of additional details to support the completion of the Business Case Determination include:

  • Specific terminal/checkpoint/checked baggage area
  • Purpose of the Capability Request
  • Type and quantity of Capability/TSE
  • Confirmation that the Donor has reviewed TSA’s Capability Acceptance Process Guidelines to include TSA’s Terms and Conditions for Acceptable Capability
  • What financial responsibilities the Donor is able/not able to contribute
  • Time period for procurement and installation of TSE
  • Extent of changes to the current checkpoint or checked baggage area
  • Status of coordination of design effort