Feel like a Superhero with these ASTONISHING travel tips!

Attention caped crusader!

Proper ID

Don’t travel using your alter ego…TSA still has to verify your TRUE identity with a proper ID! Villains BEWARE!


Replica Weapons

Leave your Punisher Cosplay at home or check it in if you have to!  ANY weapons including replicas are not allowed in your carry-on (exceptions may be made for certain Infinity Stones). Even a fake weapon can spell CERTAIN DOOM for you at our checkpoints!!! While you can pack replicas in your checked bags, just make sure none of them look like grenades or any other sort of explosives.

Even Superman’s X-ray vision has its limits!  


Traveling with a lot of comic books? You may be asked to separate them from your carry-on bag for X-ray screening! Blame it on the Kryptonite!

Hop into the Speed force


Avoid long lines…at least until you get to the Con. Sign up for TSA PreCheck™ and see how quickly you’ll get to go up, up and away!  Questions on travel, you have? Hmmm? Tweet or DM us at AskTSA or visit us at TSA.GOV.  Have an AMAZING Con True Believers!