How to know you’ve forgotten something at the checkpoint

I Know They’re Around Here Somewhere…

Searching for glasses GIF

You’ve removed your eye wear for screening. You know, your readers or sunnies you comfortably place on your head. Yeah those.  If you have to squint extra hard to read the gate signs, chances are…YOU FORGOT IT DURING SCREENING!

That’s Hitting Below the Belt

Pants falling down GIF

If you have to physically hold up your pants while rolling your carry-on bag to board your flight… chances are YOU LEFT YOUR BELT BEHIND DURING SCREENING!

Can I See Some ID?

Child with wallet GIF

So you decide to get a cocktail before you board your flight. If you have a slight panic attack because your ID isn’t where it should be then YOU PROBABLY FORGOT IT DURING SCREENING!

Get Ready to Call an Uber

Looking for keys GIF

And lastly, if your pockets are no longer jingling after going through security than I hate to have to say it…YOU LEFT YOUR KEYS BEHIND DURING SCREENING!

But if you didn’t take our advice, and you left something behind, find out how you can retrieve your item on our Lost and Found page. You can also contact AskTSA on Facebook or Twitter for assistance.