Taking your human on a plane: what every pet needs to know

This place can be scary.

Small dog with suitcase

Airports are noisy, unfamiliar places. All the people, sounds and scents… it’s enough to spook even the bravest of us. A leash or harness is a great way to make sure we don’t get lost.

I like my own space.

Pet getting into suitcase

Travel carriers are awesome! I get to relax in my own space… kinda like my own private jet. And thanks for using it before our trip so that I could get comfy in there.

You want to put me WHERE?

Frightened look dog

Don’t put me into the X-ray tunnel. Seriously, that’s not fun for me. Take me out, place my EMPTY travel carrier on the belt, and leave my X-rays to the vet.

My buddy drinks like a fish. Because he is.

Fish in water

When my pal Freddy has to fly, he travels in a clear, plastic, spill-proof container. A TSA officer will give him a visual inspection, and he’s on his way.

Don’t ever leave me.

Carry Me Dog

We can do this one of two ways: Either I can walk myself through the screening machine, or you can carry me. Myself, I prefer to cuddle.

It’s not me. It’s you.

Cute dog

Before we leave, a TSA officer will swab your hands to check for explosive residue. I’ll just sit here and look adorable.

Everyone loves me.


Dogs are cool (obviously). Even cats are okay (I guess). But that iguana I saw snacking on a burrito… what’s his deal? Pet policies can vary, so I hope he checked with his airline.

One More Thing…

Dog in bathroom

Read my tongue… Pet Relief Area. They don’t have them on the airplane, and they don’t have them at the checkpoint. Let’s find one before we get in line.

Image source: giphy.com