Too cool for school

The time has come for students to head back to class


School is back! It’s that time of year again, when adults and children of all ages fill up their backpacks and return to school. Whether you are traveling to boarding school or on your way to college, every student has one common goal: GRADUATION! So, if you are flying, take the first step in preparing for school by following these five tips to help get you through the airport security checkpoint: 

1. I hate mornings. And I overslept.

man sleeping


First impressions matter. Practice getting to class on time by getting to the airport early. Hang ups can occur anywhere – from parking to ticket counters to security checkpoints to the gate... Arriving up to two hours before your flight keeps your travels worry-free.  

2. Cafeteria food is not people food.

feeling homesick


If you’re feeling homesick, it’s a good idea to pack some leftovers from your favorite meal grandma made you and pack it the right way. Follow our 3-1-1 liquids rule and see how you should pack foods that aren’t solid. The same rules apply for your shampoo, perfume, lotion, and other must-have items from home.

3. Dude, where’s my protractor?

Happy to help


Not sure if a school item is permitted to fly? Put those Twitter fingers to work and contact the @AskTSA team, or message them on Facebook. These security travel concierges will virtually answer ANY question you may have about travel security. Now that’s first class, without breaking the bank.

4. Batter Up!  



Whether you make the varsity squad or just want to play for fun; sports equipment, such as bats and clubs, is prohibited in the cabin of the plane and must be packed in your checked baggage. You can still play lacrosse and baseball this year, just not at the airport checkpoint!

5. I did laundry once. I think it was in June.



Nothing beats a home-cooked meal and the chance to do months of laundry. If you plan on flying home often, apply for TSA PreCheck™ or one of the other trusted travel programs. You’ll beat the wait by using our expedited screening lanes, and you won’t have to remove your shoes, laptop, belt and jacket. To find the best program for you, use the DHS interactive Trusted Traveler tool.

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