Mobility Disabilities, Aids & Devices

Inform the TSA Officer

Inform the TSA officer of your ability to walk or stand independently before screening. If you have difficulty standing, you may ask for a chair or you may request to be screened while seated in your wheelchair or scooter.

  • Aids: Walkers, crutches, walking canes or other mobility aids and devices must undergo X-ray screening. A TSA officer will inspect the item if it cannot fit through the X-ray. Notify the TSA officer if you need to be immediately reunited with the device after it is screened by X-ray.
  • Wheelchairs and Scooters: TSA officers will screen wheelchairs and scooters to include the seat cushions and any non-removable pouches or fanny packs. Items will be tested for traces of explosives, and removable items will undergo X-ray screening. The TSA officer will physically inspect the cushion(s) to the extent possible and may use other screening methods to clear your cushion(s).

Screening in Standard Lanes

If you are able to stand and walk, you will be screened by technology. If you are ineligible for screening by technology, a pat-down will be conducted.

If you are 75 years of age or older in a wheelchair or scooter, you may remain seated and the TSA officer will conduct a test of your hands for trace of explosives.

Screening in TSA PreCheck® Lanes

If you are unable to stand or walk, you may remain seated in your mobility device and the TSA officer will conduct a test of your hands for any trace of explosives.