Respiratory Equipment

Contact the Airline

Not all airlines allow the use of portable oxygen concentrators. Check with your airline before flying. Also check with the manufacturer to determine whether the oxygen concentrator is approved for in-flight use.

Inform the TSA Officer

Inform the TSA officer that you have a portable oxygen concentrator and whether you can disconnect during the screening process.

Consult your doctor to determine whether you can safely disconnect during screening.

Screening in Standard and TSA PreCheck® Lanes

If you are able to disconnect from the concentrator, submit it for X-ray screening and continue to the AIT or WTMD.

If you must remain connected, your equipment will be tested for traces of explosives material.

Nebulizers, CPAPs, BiPAPs, and APAPs

Remove nebulizers, CPAPs, BiPAPs and APAPs from their carrying cases for X-ray screening. Facemasks and tubing may remain in the case.

You may provide a clear plastic bag to place the device through the X-ray. A TSA officer may need to remove the device from the bag to test it for traces of explosives.

Liquids associated with the nebulizer are exempt from the 3-1-1 liquids rule.