American Public Transportation Association Securing Control and Communications Systems in Transit Environments

  • Part I: Elements, Organization and Risk Assessment/Management: Addresses the importance of control and communications security to a transit agency, provides a survey of the various systems that constitute typical transit control and communication systems, identifies the steps that an agency would follow to set up a successful program, and establishes the stages in conducting a risk assessment and managing risk. Read part I of the recommended practice document.
  • Part II: Defining a Security Zone Architecture for Rail Transit and Protecting Critical Zones: Presents Defense-In-Depth as a recommended approach for securing rail communications and control systems, defines security zone classifications, and defines a minimum set of security controls for the most critical zones. Read part II of the recommended practice document.
  • Part III: Attack Modeling Security Analysis White Paper: Covers the attack modeling procedure for transit agencies and their systems integrators and vendors. Read the part three of the recommended practice document.