What might disqualify me from renewing my TSA PreCheck® membership?

If you commit certain violations of federal security regulations, such as assault, threat, intimidation, or interference with flight crew, physical or sexual assault or threat of physical or sexual assault of any individual on an aircraft, interference with security operations, access control violations, providing false or fraudulent documents, making a bomb threat, or bringing a firearm, explosive, or other prohibited item to an airport or onboard an aircraft, you are denied expedited screening for a period of time. The duration of disqualification from participation in TSA PreCheck® is related to the seriousness of the violation and/or a repeated history of regulatory violations.

TSA PreCheck® enrollees undergo recurrent criminal history vetting as a condition of their TSA PreCheck® enrollment. TSA PreCheck® enrollees found to have committed a disqualifying offense may have their TSA PreCheck® enrollment disqualified or suspended.

If you have questions concerning your TSA PreCheck® status, call the TSA Contact Center at (866) 289-9673, submit an online form, or contact us at @AskTSA on Twitter and Facebook Messenger. If you received a notice of violation, please contact your case agent.