What is needed to perfect my FOIA request?

In order for TSA to provide you with exactly what you need, please include in your request details that will help us conduct a robust but targeted search. These details include date, title or name, author, recipient, names of offices, agencies and organizations, subject matter of the record, case number, file designation, and reference number. For requests regarding airport checkpoint experiences, include the name/location of airport, date and time of travel, checkpoint lane and any other details. For more information, please visit the FOIA requests page.

If a request does not provide sufficient descriptive information, we may not be able to identify the records sought. We may ask you for additional information (e.g., specific subject matter, topic, personnel, etc.) if we are unable to process your request. If we cannot contact you or you do not respond within 30 calendar days to our requests for clarification, we will close your request.

The FOIA request form also requires the following information:

  1. Your full name (for a Privacy Act Request), address, telephone number, and, if available, email.
  2. Indication of whether the request is a FOIA and/or a Privacy Act request (if known).
  3. Specific information about the records sought as described above.
  4. Delivery information for the responsive records, e.g., electronically or via mail.
  5. A statement regarding your willingness to pay applicable fees, including any limitations.