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FOIA Requests

All requests must be submitted in writing by online form, U.S. mail or email. Requests must be for access to existing records. TSA will not create records or answer questions in response to a FOIA or Privacy Act request.

You may submit a Privacy Act Request to review any records you believe that the Department has records on you. Submit a Privacy Act Request.

Requests can be submitted by:

Online Form
Submit a FOIA Request Form

Transportation Security Administration
TSA-20, East Tower
FOIA Branch
601 South 12th Street
Arlington, VA 20598-6020


FOIA requests must contain the following information:

  1. Your full name, address, telephone number and, if available, email.
  2. Clear indication of whether the request is a FOIA and/or a Privacy Act request (if known).
  3. Specific information about the records sought.
  4. Delivery information for the responsive records, e.g., electronically or via mail.
  5. A statement regarding your willingness to pay fees, including any limitations.

Helpful details also include: date, title or name, author, recipient, names of offices, agencies and organizations, subject matter of the record, case number, file designation, and reference number. For requests regarding airport checkpoint experiences, include the name/location of airport, date and time of travel, checkpoint lane and any other information that describes the experience.

TSA cannot process a request for “all records” on an individual or for “all communications” between TSA and a third party. You should include a date limitation, a particular topic, and if asking for correspondence, the relevant parties’ names and offices or airports, if known. If a request does not provide sufficient descriptive information, we may not be able to identify the records sought. We may ask you for additional information (e.g., specific subject matter, topic, personnel, etc.) if we are unable to process your request. If we cannot contact you, or you do not respond within 30 calendar days to our requests for clarification, we will close your request.

You can contact the TSA FOIA Branch for assistance in writing a FOIA request. This will ensure we understand which materials you are seeking and help us respond to your request quickly.

Processing Fees

Requesters are required to pay all applicable fees charged under Sec. 5.11 up to $25, unless you seek a waiver of fees. If fees exceed $25, we will notify you before we proceed with processing the request. When making a request, you may specify a willingness to pay a greater or lesser amount. If you are seeking a waiver of fees, you must provide a justification in accordance with the requirements of 6 CFR Part 5, Subpart A.

You will receive notice within 1-3 business days of receipt. The notice will contain a tracking number for your request. Please make sure you have the tracking number available when contacting TSA.


The information you are requesting may already be available in the electronic reading room; please browse the documents before submitting your request.

Contact FOIA

(866) 364-2872
Email FOIA
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET
601 South 12th Street
Arlington, VA 20598-6020