Exercise Information System

The Exercise Information System, also known as EXIS®, is an online self-help exercise tool that guides industry and government users through the exercise design process. The system provides users with resources to design, document and evaluate exercises for all transportation system owners and operators. It is an information sharing portal that provides a way for TSA and exercise designers to share critical exercise lessons learned.

The tool is specifically tailored to the transportation industry and is offered at no cost.

How It Works

Users are directed to first identify the exercise planning schedule and sector focus. The system enables users to select specific objectives and scenario elements followed by evaluation criteria planning, creating reports, and sharing best practices and lessons-learned.

Key Features

  • Key exercise planning components with a user-friendly interface.
  • Guided interface for users of all experience levels to develop both discussion-based and operations-based exercises.
  • Comprehensive scenarios specific to each transportation mode.
  • Document development for use at every step of the exercise process (i.e. invitations, planning meeting documents, exercise briefings, after action reports).

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For additional information, please email your inquiry or call 1-855-447-8392. For system support, email the EXIS Help Desk.