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Reimbursable Screening Services Program

The Fiscal Year 2019 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act (P.L. 116-6) authorizes TSA to pilot a program through FY2021, allowing the agency to enter into reimbursable agreements with up to eight TSA regulated entities, as outlined in 49 CFR Part 1500, to provide screening services at locations other than primary passenger terminal screening areas.
TSA has developed guidance for requesting screening services under Section 225, and participants will be selected and evaluated through a fair, equitable, and transparent process.
The pilot program will allow TSA to provide screening services in support of regulated entities without impacting current operations at TSA security checkpoints. Under program agreement, selected participants will reimburse TSA fully for all personnel and nonpersonnel costs associated with providing these additional security screening services.
To learn more about the Reimbursable Screening Services Program, please email