Public Area Security

Protecting Public Areas

In response to the enactment of the TSA Modernization Act, TSA and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency convened a working group with public and private stakeholders from both aviation and surface entities to develop recommendations for enhancing security in public areas of transportation facilities.

The results of the working group are presented in the Protecting Public Areas Best Practices and Recommendations document.


Public Area Security Summits

Link to Public Area Security National FrameworkThe Public Area Security Summits began in mid-September 2016 to devise a strategy to share information, prevent attacks and protect infrastructure from emerging threats to public spaces of transportation venues. Based on persistent terrorist threats, the group of industry, government, academic, international and public officials quickly evaluated security measures, gaps and needs within aviation and other modes of transportation to begin the development of a national level framework to secure public areas.

The national framework includes 11 recommendations to help secure the public area of transportation venues. Input from international partners in the United Kingdom, Europe and Israel on lessons learned and best practices contributed to the development of the Public Area Security National Framework.

Read the framework for the list of participants, recommendations and the way ahead.

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