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Mission and Vision

ITF fosters innovation by integrating key stakeholders to identify and demonstrate emerging solutions that increase security effectiveness and efficiency, improve passenger experience, and to deliver solutions that secure the freedom of movement throughout the nation’s transportation system.

"The Innovation Task Force is collaborating with industry, airlines, airports and equipment manufacturers to find and deploy the very best technology for increasing security and improving the passenger experience"

David Pekoske, TSA Administrator

Our Process

ITF demonstrations allow vendors to test their solutions in a live environment, capture operational data and then refine their solution for potential future engagement with TSA.

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We convene the aviation security ecosystem to identify solutions.

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We establish the means to demonstrate innovative solutions.

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We measure effectiveness and provide data to improve systems.

About ITF

What happens after an ITF demonstration?

Once demonstration data is collected and reviewed, ITF will collaborate with other TSA offices in order to refine future requirements, provide vendors with operational data, include general lessons learned in future communications to industry, and determine TSA’s next steps.

How can I pilot my solution with ITF?

  • The ITF-Led solution demonstration life cycle allows solution providers to pilot their solutions in the field, capture operational data and then refine their solution for potential future engagement with TSA. ITF has 4 collaboration tracks:
    • ITF Led Demonstration: For solutions selected by TSA, ITF partners with local TSA, the airport authority and/or airlines at designated Innovation Sites to pilot solutions; ITF owns key activities.
    • ITF Enabled Demonstration: For solutions under the responsibility of a partner, a non-ITF stakeholder leads key planning and pilot activities for a self-identified solution, with guidance from an ITF “coach.”
    • ITF Future Checkpoint Design: ITF supports today’s needs and designing for the future when space for a new TSA Passenger Screening Checkpoint is identified.
    • ITF Process and Information Collaboration: ITF collaborates with diverse industry stakeholders to identify new solutions and exchange lessons learned with global security partners.

Do you have the next big IDEA?

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Where can I learn about TSA design standards?