The Federal Air Marshal Service provides training of armed security officers required on approved flights associated with restoration of general aviation and charter flight operations at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

The training is designed to better prepare qualified active, retired and former law enforcement officers to act in the event of an in-flight crisis on flights to DCA.


In order to apply, a candidate must be nominated by a company or organization approved as an aircraft operator and have security coordinators listed by the DCA Access Standard Security Program. Nominating companies may also be an airport-based operator approved by TSA.

ASO Program Nomination Form


To be eligible, you must:

  • Participate voluntarily.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or national.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Be free from any emotional or mental condition which might adversely affect the exercise of the requirements of the position.
  • Have successfully completed a basic law enforcement training certificated program conducted by an entity authorized to train persons to perform as a law enforcement officer.
  • Be an active law enforcement officer in good standing; a qualified retired officer; or a qualified former officer in good standing each requiring a minimum of four years law enforcement experience.
  • Not have been terminated for cause by a previous law enforcement employer or have had an approval or authorization revoked by TSA, or been subject to a serious disciplinary action by a previous employer.
  • Not have had a certification revoked by TSA.

To remain in active status, an armed security officer must semiannually re-qualify with their firearm, annually complete mandatory DHS Insider Threat Training, and maintain eligibility through Lautenberg Certification and Title 18 U.S.C. 922 (g) Certification. Armed security officers must also successfully complete recurrent training every five years.

An armed security officer could be reduced to inactive status for failure to comply with the above mentioned guidelines and will not be allowed to serve as an armed security officer on any general aviation or charter flights.

For more information, please email your inquiry or call (571) 227-5355.


Register online for Crew Member Self Defense Program training.


Active crew members of all domestic scheduled carriers are eligible for the training program.

The Crew Member Self Defense Training Program provides four-hours of training to prepare active crew members of all domestic scheduled carriers for potential physical altercations both on and off the aircraft.

To register for this no-cost training, search for the training course near you and submit the online registration form. Reporting instructions will be provided upon registration and successful verification of employment.

For more information, please email your inquiry or call (703) 395-6380.


Complete the online application.

Application must be completed within 60 minutes.

The Federal Flight Deck Officer Program authorizes flight crew members to use firearms to defend against an act of criminal violence and air piracy while attempting to gain control of an aircraft.


  • Pilots
  • Flight engineers
  • Flight navigators

To be eligible, you must have:

  • A current FAA airman certificate
  • A current class one or class two medical certificate
  • U.S. citizenship

Additionally, individuals must pass a bi-annual firearms requalification. All eligible flight crew members will attend a one week training in Artesia, New Mexico. There is no fee to participate in the Federal Flight Deck Officer program. Training and equipment costs are covered by TSA.

For more information, please email your inquiry.