Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program

The Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program, also known as I-STEP, provides exercise, training, and security planning tools and services to the transportation sector.

I-STEP is a federal exercise program focused on security in the nation’s transportation sector. Its mission is to enhance security and reduce risk across the transportation network. Working in partnership with transportation operators, I-STEP enables security partners to continuously improve the risk posture in the nation’s transportation systems. Lessons learned from I-STEP exercises, training events and workshops help shape national transportation security policy.

The modes of transportation supported under the program include:

  • Mass transit and passenger rail
  • Freight rail
  • Pipeline
  • Port and intermodal
  • Highway and motor carrier
  • Aviation


The program assists transportation partners to build and sustain security preparedness to protect travelers, enhance national resilience, and identify capability gaps and needed resources. Benefits include:

  • Enhance security capabilities – Facilitated exercises and training strengthen industry security plans, emergency procedures, and sharpen skills in incident management.
  • Build partnerships – Collaborate with transportation system owners and operators, their security personnel and emergency responders, as well as local law enforcement and government officials.
  • Gain insights in transportation security – Align program requirements with security strategies and gain a deeper understanding of transportation security lessons learned and best practices.

Exercise Support

The program helps transportation operators establish a risk-based approach to all operations to identify, manage and mitigate risk. We provide two kinds of exercise support:

  • Exercise Management Services – We assist transportation operators build and convene exercise planning teams with security partners to design, conduct and evaluate intelligence-driven, risk-based security exercises to enhance security preparedness and resilience.

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