Request for Screening Services Guidance to Industry

How to Apply

To request participation in the Reimbursable Screening Services Program (RSSP) pilot, a completed request package should be submitted to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) through the designated TSA email inbox,

A request package includes a completed TSA Form 459- TSA Reimbursable Screening Services Program (RSSP) Pilot Request which addresses all of the questions in Table 1 RSSP Application Guidance and a detailed proposed Concept of Operations (CONOPS). The CONOPS must address how the proposed system of operation will be deployed to meet your end objectives while also ensuring the integrity of the airport security environment. The CONOPS must provide sufficient details to support the evaluation criteria in the Table 2 Evaluation Criteria below.

Interested requesters must coordinate with the affected TSA Federal Security Director in completing the request package and clearly state in the CONOPS that this coordination has occurred. The completed CONOPS will contain SSI. Do not include SSI in the TSA Form 459- TSA Reimbursable Screening Services Program (RSSP) Pilot Request. Please password protect your documents and send the password in a separate email to

Requesting parties will be notified of receipt of their request and may be asked to provide additional information. Completed applications will be evaluated by TSA pursuant to the factors in Table 2 Evaluation Criteria below.

RSSP Application Guidance

Category Questions to Answer
Stakeholder Information What is your contact information and do you have the designated authority to apply on behalf of your organization? Reference the corporate resolution, by-law, Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program (AOSSP) etc., that reference this authority.
Does your organization have the legal authority to enter into an agreement with TSA? Reference the authority that confirms this information.
Services Being Requested

Provide a description of the activities requiring TSA services.
What is the environment of requested services (airport, seaport)?
What are the targeted days and hours for service requests?

What is the frequency of services (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, holidays, etc.)?

What are the projected monthly hours of requested services based on frequency?

How many passengers are expected to be screened (per month and per year)?

Location of Requested Services Provide requested services location address and description.
Available Facilities To Perform Requested Services Provide a general description of the current facilities at the location of requested services.
Funding For Requested Services What is the source of funding for requested services?
What is the applicant’s available program budget for the first fiscal year (month and quarter)?

Evaluation Criteria

TSA will consider the following factors in evaluating requests:

Criteria Example Evaluation Factors
Impact to TSA Operations Whether the request poses an adverse impact or benefit to TSA security operations.
Health & Safety Whether the request has any health and safety concerns for employees or the public.
Funding Ability Whether the requestor has demonstrated the financial ability to support the request with advance payment.
Community Impact/ Economic Benefit Whether the request has the support of impacted local and regional stakeholders, and what benefit the community would experience.
Feasibility and Timeliness Whether the request is able to be implemented by TSA and the timeframe for initiating the service.
Other Agency Support Whether the program has an impact to other government agencies and/or state and local governments.

Program Requirements

If tentatively selected, requester must meet the following requirements for implementation of services at the requested airport:

  • Following approval of the request for Reimbursable Screening Services by the TSA Executive Assistant Administrator for Security Operations, pay for all reasonable personnel and non-personnel costs incurred by TSA;
  • As part of the request, agree to enter into an advanced payment plan prior to TSA provision of screening services, making payment for services 90 days in advance in accordance with cost estimates provided by TSA, and adjusted every 90 days;
  • Host and complete a site visit (and preliminary assessment, if requested) where TSA officials visit to discuss workload and services, and verify that facilities and equipment meet TSA’s specifications as required;
  • Sign a binding reimbursable services agreement; and
  • Sign a memorandum of understanding outlining the services, schedules, and other conditions for the location(s) covered by the agreement.