Bangor officers aid fallen passenger

Monday, October 5, 2020
TSO James Willis photo

“While impressive to see them spring into action, it was no surprise,” said Maine Assistant Federal Security Director for Screening Briana Corrales. “We have an incredible team at Bangor. Not only are they committed to the mission, they also care for and respect people. I am truly proud of them.”

On September 4 as Bangor TSA officers Pamela Dobbins and Charles Chambers were going about their duties, they saw a female passenger who had fallen on the escalator. Without hesitation they sprang into action. 

Dobbins ran to press the e-Stop on the escalator and both officers reacted quickly to assist the fallen passenger. Observing the event, TSA officer James Willis notified the Bangor police officer on duty.

Willis, a former nurse, moved to help out the passenger who had fallen backwards down the escalator. He requested Chambers to have a chair ready for the woman so he could perform some preliminary triage and administer first aid if necessary.

The Bangor police transferred the passenger to a chair and eventually to a wheel chair where Willis started a brief triage and soon realized there was no acute distress and she was neurologically sound.

In the end the woman did suffer some scratches and scrapes on her arm, but otherwise was not visibly injured.

“Prior to coming to TSA, I was employed as a critical care Registered Nurse for thirty years,” reflects Willis. “Prior to that I was an Army medic. We were all pleased that the woman suffered no serious injuries.”

The Bangor officers were mentioned by Administrator David Pekoske during the September 15 virtual Town Hall. “Quick thinking on the part of three of our officers really helped rescue a passenger who could have been in a pretty tough spot had they not been there,” said Pekoske.