Kudos Across America – Seattle

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Officer Nation photo

I would like to call out the excellent and thoughtful approach that agent [Officer] Richard Nation took on December 13th at SeaTac [Seattle -Tacoma International] Airport in Seattle on our behalf. He approached a problem we presented with professionalism and creativity.

Officer Richard Nation photo
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport TSA Officer Richard Nation (Photo by Joe Ruffino)

My wife and I had a firm in Seattle professionally crate an antique table family heirloom that we were gifting to a favorite nephew who was recently engaged. It was crated in two pieces, a marble top and carved gilded wood legs, that fell within Alaska Airlines’ extra baggage weight and dimension guidelines. The problem occurred when Mr. Nation told us at check-in that he needs to open the wood crates for inspection. This was something that we were not prepared for.

Fortunately, screws were used in securing the two wooden crates. I explained to Mr. Nation that I didn't have any tools and could call our contractor, but doubted that he could get to the airport in time. Mr. Nation was fully within his right to make the problem ours. Instead, he smiled, went behind the counter, and pulled out a tool box with three Phillips screwdrivers. The three of us opened the crates. He swabbed and tested the contents and helped us reattach the lids.

Going the extra mile for us, Mr. Nation, thus provided the extended Percy family with an early holiday present. He represents the agency at the highest level.

Roger and Penny Percy

By Ariana Diaz, TSA Strategic Communications & Public Affairs