Operations Management

Julie Scanlon

Julie Scanlon

Julie Scanlon is the Assistant Administrator of Operations Management for TSA’s Security Operations. She manages budget, finance and human resources support for TSA field employees and Security Operations headquarters staff.  

Scanlon previously served as Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Human Capital, developing and sustaining innovative programs that enabled TSA to attract, hire, retain and optimally deploy a skilled workforce. Before joining TSA, Scanlon was the Associate Director for Strategic and Administrative Management for the Office of Facilities Engineering and Operations at the Smithsonian Institution, where she managed human capital, strategic planning and communications programs.

Scanlon also served as the Director of Management and Organizational Development for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Research, where she was a lead member of the National Weather Service modernization team which designed and implemented the installation of new Weather Service radars across the country. While at NOAA, she received four bronze medals, NOAA Research Employee of the Year for Outstanding Leadership and the National Weather Service Modernization Award. 

Scanlon received her Bachelor of Science in Behavior and Social Science from the University of Maryland. While there, she also received her documentation in Paralegal Studies.