How can industry support TSA’s goals?

To address the security mission, it is important to have a diverse marketplace. OA is key to supporting innovation from the entire community and providing a pathway to breakthrough capabilities because it positions TSA to implement multiple contract awards targeting specific components of the screening environment. This multiple contract award approach reduces the risks and up-front investment (that is, lowers the barrier to entry) associated with delivering a complete solution for a single contract award. As a result, industry partners can more easily participate within different segments of the transportation security market, based on their desired business model. In working with industry partners, TSA acknowledges the importance of ensuring usability in other mission spaces and protection of intellectual property. TSA aims to support broad use of OA solutions and in ensuring all industry partners – like Original Equipment Manufacturers and third-party developers – have their intellectual property protected. Goal 1 of the Open Architecture Roadmap outlines the importance of industry and stakeholder engagement. TSA aims to engage and coordinate across government and with regulators, stakeholder organizations, industry and international partners, national labs, academia, airlines and airports to  promote collaboration, continued progress, establishment of joint standards, and new ideas in partnership with stakeholders.