Recurrent Adjudication

TSA adjudicates recurrent vetting notifications by applying the same disqualifying factors and processes used to adjudicate the initial security threat assessment. Once TSA makes a determination of ineligibility based on recurrent vetting factors, the agency issues a preliminary determination of ineligibility to the TWIC® holder and allows the individual to appeal or apply for a waiver. If a final determination of ineligibility is made, TSA notifies the applicant and revokes the TWIC® card.

In some circumstances, an investigation may be needed, or the recurrent vetting may indicate that an applicant poses a serious or imminent threat. In such cases, TSA conducts investigations with DHS’s Homeland Security Investigations and other law enforcement agencies. When it’s determined a TWIC® applicant may pose an imminent threat, TSA can immediately suspend the applicant’s TWIC® card.