What exactly can I request?

You may request any information that constitutes an existing TSA record in any format, including an electronic format. Examples of records that may be requested include documents, photographs, videos, sound recordings, drawings, computerized records, electronic mail, and agency policies and procedures.

TSA will conduct a search for records already in existence at the time of the request. Please note the FOIA does not require an agency to create new records, answer questions posed by requesters, complete questionnaires, or attempt to interpret a request that does not identify specific records.

If you request video recordings from airports, please note that the TSA is not the primary custodian of those records. TSA is unlikely to have airport videos unless we obtained them as a result of an alleged checkpoint incident or security breach. Therefore, we recommend that you request video recordings from the local airport authority. Also, be aware that airport authorities generally delete recordings after 30 days.