Isn’t It Romantic

Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Illustrated flowers and heart box of chocolates on a pink background; candles and other romantic items scattered about

Planning a romantic vacation this Valentine’s Day? You may be wondering about how you can travel by air with some of your special items to spark romance. Check out our tips and remember to stay safe!

Setting the Mood

If you’re looking to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be happy to know that solid wax candles are good to go in your carry-on or checked bag. Just make sure that it stays unlit throughout your flight! Open flames are a big N.O. when in the air. However, if you need to strike that match once you arrive, you can bring one box of non-strike anywhere matches in your carry-on. Matches are not allowed in checked baggage. 

Maybe flowers are more your style? Flowers can be brought through the checkpoint as a carry-on as long as they are not in a container of water. Instead, we suggest wrapping the stems in damp paper towels and plastic wrap to keep them hydrated while you travel.

Chocolates, Gifts, and Everything Else…

If your love enjoys those fancy heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, travel easy knowing that they are good to go in carry-on or checked baggage! Chocolate not their thing? Stuffed animals are also A-Okay in your carry-on! Just maybe keep the oversized bear at home...since it would probably need its own seat, so definitely check with your airline first!

Planning on popping the big question while on a romantic getaway with your sweetheart? If you’re traveling with that special bling (or other fine jewelry), please keep it with you. Good news is diamonds are not likely to trigger an alarm during screening!

Some may choose to fly with, shall we say, more adult-type products.  Good news! Most are allowed in carry-on or checked bags depending on the type of product and if they are battery operated. Battery operated toys that use traditional non-rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, etc.) can go in checked or carry-on bags. If you’ve gone high-tech and have an item that is rechargeable, it likely has a lithium ion battery. Thanks to guidance from our friends at the FAA, anything with a lithium ion battery must go in your carry-on bag.

As always, if anything alarms, requiring additional inspection while at the checkpoint, and you feel like the item the officer could retrieve from your bag will be a bit, ummm sensitive, you may ask the TSA officer for a private screening.                                                                                                              

Still Have Questions?

Get your answers on our what can I bring page or chat with our team at AskTSA.  They are available on Twitter and Facebook to answer all of your travel questions from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET Monday – Friday, and 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET weekends and holidays.


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